Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?
Hubpay offers a convenient way of sending international transfers abroad from the UAE with great exchange rates at a low cost. We also offer other financial products such as local and international airtime recharge and vouchers.
What do I need to open an account?
You will need a valid Emirates ID, an active UAE mobile number, a valid email address, and an online banking account.
What are the ways to top-up my wallet?
Easily top up your wallet through the integrated bank linking feature available on the app or through a local bank transfer.
What are your charges?
Our fees and charges will be clearly shown at the point of making a transaction in the app. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees!
What countries can I send money to?
You can initiate international transfers to India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Bangladesh. We are excited to launch in more countries very soon!
How to link my bank account?
Simply select your UAE bank from the available list on the app. You will need your online banking credentials; and ensure you are not accessing your bank in a different browser at the same time.
How to send an international transfer?
Simply enter the amount you want to send in either AED or the receiving currency field on the home page calculator and tap on “Start transfer”. You can send to your own international accounts or others. Recipients will automatically be saved for future transfers.
What happens if my international transfer fails?
This can happen for a few reasons. We strongly recommend checking all the details on the ‘Review your transfer’ page before confirming your transaction. You can send us an inquiry through ‘Support’ on the app for further assistance.
What happens if I send to a wrong recipient account?
You are responsible for entering all the details correctly. Incorrect details might cause your transfer to be delayed, rejected, or lost. Hubpay does not accept any liability for incorrect details resulting in delayed or lost transfers. We request you to double check all the recipient details before you complete the transaction. However, in case of an error please contact our customer support team and we will try our best to help you.
Is Hubpay secure?
Your security is our utmost priority. We use bank-grade technology to ensure full app security and two-factor authentication every time you initiate a transaction. We are licensed by Abu Dhabi Global Market and regulated by Financial Services Regulatory Authority.
Do you offer referral rewards?
Yes, you and your friends can receive a reward credit for every successful referral! The amount will be shown on the app.
Where can I find my referral code?
Tap the ‘Invite a friend’ from the share icon on the app and easily send it through any messaging app available on your device.
I referred a friend but didn’t get my reward, why?
Your referral must enter the referral code while signing up. They must also complete their first wallet top up and international transfer within 30 days of signing up to qualify for the rewards. For further information, please see our terms and conditions.
Why can’t I access my account?
This can happen for a few reasons. Please ensure that you only have one open account with us and not to share your banking credentials with other Hubpay users. Feel free to reach out to our customer support team for further assistance.
Can I close my account?
Keeping your account active does not require any maintaining balance or incur any fees. You can simply uninstall the app. If you wish to delete your account, send a ‘Close my account’ request through the ‘Support’ page on the app.
How can customers contact customer support for help?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our world-class support team! You can contact us in several ways:

  • Send us an inquiry through the ‘Support’ page on the app
  • Email us directly at
  • Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @hubpayapp
  • Follow us on Tiktok:


What is Hubpay?
Hubpay is a fully digital app that allows you to send money abroad conveniently at a low cost. Additional services include mobile recharge, vouchers, and bill payments. No need to visit a branch, all services are available at your fingertips!
Where is the Hubpay office based?
Our head office is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
How does it work?
Simply register through the app and follow the steps to start making your international transfers.
Are you a regulated business?
We are regulated by the FSRA (registration number 00004051) and licensed for Providing Money Services under category 3c of the ADGM Financial Services and Markets Regulations.
How am I protected from fraud?
You are protected from fraud in several ways. By using One Time Passwords (OTPs), biometric locks, and unique passcodes to ensure that no third party can access your account. You must not share this passcode with anyone, Hubpay will never ask you for this information.
How can I report fraud or a stolen account?
We strongly recommend getting in touch with us immediately to deactivate your Hubpay account. Email us at
How can I make a complaint?
We aim to provide the best service to you as our customer and learn about your experience with Hubpay. Please contact our customer support team through the ‘Support’ page on the app or email us directly at We will do our best to resolve any complaint or feedback.

Account Information

What do I need to sign up?
  • Valid mobile number and email address
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • UAE online banking account
  • Referral code (optional)
Is there a minimum wallet balance?
No, there is no minimum wallet balance.
Is there a fee to open a Hubpay account?
No, we do not charge any fees to open an account. Registration is absolutely free!
What do I need to link my bank?
You will need your online banking credentials such as your username and password.
Can I link/unlink multiple bank accounts?
Yes, you can link multiple accounts as long as the account belongs to you.
Why can’t I link my bank account?
You must ensure that your banking credentials are correct for a successful bank linking. If you are facing any issue, please reach out to us through the ‘Support’ page from available on the app.
What are the ways to top up my wallet?
  • By linking your bank account(s)
  • By making a local transfer from your banking app (soon!)
  • Through a payment link request for salary cards (soon!)
  • Debit and credit cards (soon!)
  • Cash and cheques are not supported
How long does it take to top-up my wallet?
Your bank may take few minutes to complete the transaction. In some cases, it may take up to 24 hours or depending on your bank’s policies. You will receive an SMS notification as soon as your wallet balance is updated.
Can I link a joint or business bank account?
No, wallet top ups must come from your own individual bank account. We do not support joint or business bank accounts.
Is there a charge to top up my wallet?
Hubpay doesn’t charge top up fees. But please ensure you have at least AED 5 extra available balance in your account for a successful wallet top up. Your bank may charge you for applicable local transfers fees.
What is the maximum amount I can keep in my wallet?
There is no maximum wallet balance, however, maximum transfer limits apply.
How long can I keep money in my wallet?
You can keep funds in your wallet indefinitely.
How to send money?
You can start by tapping on ‘Start transfer’ and choose from the available mode of transfers - bank transfer or cash collections. Enter the desired amount from the calculator and select the bank you are sending the funds to. Complete the steps by entering your recipient account details.
Can I send money to a bank account or cash collection point?
Yes. Both options are available but may vary on the receiving country.
Can I transfer to my own bank account?
Yes! You can also initiate a transfer to your friends and families overseas.
Is my beneficiary required to download the Hubpay app to receive my transfer?
No, it is not required for your beneficiary to download the app to receive your transfers.
Can I save/delete my beneficiaries?
Beneficiaries are automatically saved on your app after each successful transaction. You can easily manage your beneficiary list on the app.
How long is the processing time for international transfers?
Processing time for international transfer varies depending on the receiving country and is available on the app’s transfer page.
How do I check the exact amount my beneficiary will receive?
The exact amount will reflect on the ‘Review your transfer’ page before completing the transaction.
Can I set up a recurring international transfer?
No, but you can repeat a transaction on the ‘Transaction history’ page.
Why is my international transfer delayed?
This can happen for a few reasons. Our customer support team will be delighted to check the status of your transfer. You can reach out to us through the ‘Support’ page on the app.
Can I request a refund back to my bank account?
Yes, requesting a refund from your Hubpay wallet to your bank account will incur a processing fee of AED 5. Usually, refund requests may take up to 5 business days to complete.
How many international transfers can I make in a month?
As long as the total amount is not more than AED 35,000 in a month, you can make as many transfers as you want.
I want to send more than the allowed limit, what do I do?
You can request a monthly limit increase by submitting a request through the ‘Support’ page on the app.
Can I see all my previous transactions on the app?
Yes, transactions receipts are available from the transaction history page on the app.